HAMMOODI & PARTNERS | VISUAL DESIGNERS, based in Berlin-Germany, is a collaboration of professional designers dedicated to building bridges between the European, Middle Eastern and Asian regions in the field of Design Development.

Founded by Kannan Hammoodi and Annika Gültzow, we attach great importance to constantly researching and drawing new inspiration from all kinds of actual events within various art scenes and cultural circles throughout Europe. We keep a close eye on the latest designer trend developments and are committed to suggesting and applying them to our clients' purposes, even before or as these trends emerge in mainstream markets.

As a synergy of specialists, we strive to deliver images which appeal to a multi-national audience and we provide our clients with creative solutions tailored to their individual goals and visions. By maintaining close ties to a growing network of design professionals, by being well informed about the latest technologies and computer software within design production processes, our clients can be sure to enjoy the most up-to-date design advice when challenging the growing demands and expectations of sophisticated target groups.


Whether its a functional and deeply structured corporate website, a temporary flash site to announce and document a single event, a DVD presentation or optimising the chances of being found in leading search engines, our know-how and network of technical experts can quickly and efficiently transform your visions onto the computer screen.


Hammoodi & Partners is proud to closely work with a team of professional photographers specialised in different fields of photography, capable of producing the right shot for the right purpose.

Architecture: The character of a building and the architectural vision originally behind it is not something just any photographer can capture well. Our photographers are very experienced in this field and are capable of visualising the flair of any location and its surrounding atmosphere in the right perspective at the right moment.

Landscapes: Whether its the deserts of Arabia, the mountains of Great Britain, the beaches of the Pacific or a bustling cityscape, we can coordinate the right equipment and have a qualified photographer be on location to extensively document a region's geographical features.

Portrait: Producing a good portrait photo is quite an intimate assignment. It demands a great amount of respect between the photographer and his/her subject. They must interact with each other well and the photographer must have the appropriate sensibilty towards the subject's desires and personality. Only then will the subject‘s character and appearance be portrayed successfully. We can recommend the photographer most capable of meeting these personal requirements.

Night: Once natural sunlight is scarce, a good knowledge of the necessary technical settings and the creative utilisation of artificial light is essential to display the splendour of an object and its surrounding atmosphere by night. Even in this field of photography our experience can guarantee the competent production of high contrast images within dark locations.


Image-building and the creation of unique visual identities is something we put a lot of passion into, with a very high sense for detail. Adapting to each client individually and by analysing their target group and vision, we make sure every element of design has a productive purpose and is in the right place with the right function. Furthermore, Hammoodi & Partners is closely linked to a network of very talented graphic designers and illustrators, all from varying creative backgrounds with different styles and techniques, capable of efficiently transforming fresh ideas into print- and screen-ready media.


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